Data Protection and Privacy Policy

  1. Right to information

Navarrabiomed, refers to the need to regulate the access to and use of services, training opportunities, events and career opportunities.


  1. Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR), you are hereby informed that the personal information you give shall be duly processed and stored in the data processing systems belonging to Navarrabiomed (C/ IRUNLARREA 3. 31008 PAMPLONA).


  1. Purpose

The personal information given to Navarrabiomed is used to provide effective service according to a specific activity. The use of said information shall depend on the reason why it was requested in the first place.

Your personal data shall be kept as long as you have a relationship with Navarrabiomed, or as long as they are relevant to the health of interested parties, or as long as required by law. You are also informed that your personal data shall not be used by Navarrabiomed for profiling for commercial purposes. The handling of your personal information shall be legal, legitimate, relevant, limited, accurate and up to date. Accordingly, Navarrabiomed is committed to taking all reasonable measures for said information to be corrected or deleted whenever inaccuracies or mistakes are identified.


  1. Security measures

In accordance with clause 32.1 of GDPR, Navarrabiomed has taken the relevant organisational and technical measures to safeguard adequate security levels, including, but not limited to, measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of data processing systems and services at all times; measures to restore the easy availability of and access to personal data in the event of technical or physical failure; and the implementation of regular procedures to assess and check the effectiveness of the organisational and technical measures in force to safeguard security in data processing.


  1. How is data processing legitimised?

The processing of your personal data by Navarrabiomed has its legal grounds in the forms you have sent to Navarrabiomed, the consent you have given to participate in Navarrabiomed’s activities, projects, training programmes and events, the consent you have given to be part of projects or studies promoted by or involving the participation of Navarrabiomed, your contractual relationship with Navarrabiomed and/or a situation in which the processing of your personal data by Navarrabiomed is established by law.

In any case, you have a right to oppose said processing.


  1. Whom can your personal data be shared with?

Navarrabiomed shall not transfer or disclose the personal data in its systems to third parties.


  1. Links

This Privacy Policy is valid for the Navarrabiomed website only. Its provisions shall not necessarily apply when it is being accessed through links from other websites or to websites accessed from links herein.

Even when Navarrabiomed has taken all the security measures established by law, it must be taken into account that such measures are not inviolable on the Internet. Therefore, Navarrabiomed shall not be held liable for illegal use of stolen data by third parties.


  1. Changes in Privacy Policy

Navarrabiomed reserves the right to change this Data Protection and Privacy Policy according to regulatory modifications and/or changes in the guidelines issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Should changes be made, they shall appear on this website and shared with registered users or parties interested in Navarrabiomed’s activities and services.